It is essential to consider the total decorative aspect of the table when creating the right framework for a perfect dining experience. The choice of tablecloth and napkins, good quality plates, glasses, and cutlery, as well as flowers and candles are fundamental components in creating the right ambiance for a delightful meal. Naturally, you need to take into consideration other important elements, such as the choice of food, selection of wines, as well as the position of guests and when various courses and accompaniments are to be served.

There is not a correct formula to create the right conditions as each item require to dress and create a sumptuous table setting, each one has it own specific purpose and application. These are better described in more details on my sister website.

This book is entirely devoted to the creative art of napkin folding which is one of the item we can give our own individual touch and creativity. To personalise require little effort jet it give so much distinction and a purpose to make your dinner special and the occasion more sublime the table talent create our own and the ways in which it will enhance as well as personalise a table setting, helping to complete the right atmosphere for the occasion.

The way we dress the table it says great deal about you as the host or indeed the restaurant. The first impression as your guest or customer enters the dining area does count and could be classified the beginning of an enjoyable meal. I do put a great deal of importance and realisation that the quality of food you be serving of prime importance. The time it take to dress a table in style take only 10% of the time it take to prepare a sumptuous meal and you personal touch will be much appreciated for your afford.

It is how and where we use them that create the right table setting. It is the combination and the composition of each item that is important. This is where the individual imaginative style and creativity can achieve a stunning result.

Folding the napkins in an appropriate manner is part of magic formula which will ultimately create a sumptuous table setting. Napkin Folding is the best method which allows your individual taste and style.

Transform your table with your own napkin folding style and creation.

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