A Napkin Fold for Every Occasion

Below are some suggestions for folds that are suitable for particular occasions but always remember — it's your choice. With your own creativity you too can create magnificent folds and impress your guests who will be absolutely delighted by your attention to details.

In the "Location" column, page numbers are taken from Luigi's book The Language of Napkin Folding and "DVD" refers to the DVDThe Art of Napkin Folding”.

Occasion Suggestions Location
Valentine's Day Heart page 44
Mother’s Day Heart
Evening Cape
page 44
page 76
Father’s Day Professional
Dinner Jacket
page 66
page 70
Christmas Candle
Fairy Kiss
Xmas Tree
Father Xmas
page 130
page 48
New Baby Baby page 50
First Communion Fairy Kiss page 48
Bar Mitzvah Professional page 66
Confirmation Fairy Kiss
page 48
page 66
Graduation Professional
page 66
page 148
Children Rag Doll
Elf Boot
page 52
page 180
Other Celebrations Olympic Flame page 184
Wedding — Bride Samurai
page 60
page 68
Wedding — Groom Tuxedo page 74
Civil Partnership Menage a Deux DVD
Wedding Anniversary Tango
page 42

Celebrating any event with your friends and family is a magic moment