Book Introduction

Luigi’s Language of Napkin Folding by Luigi Spotorno

The book is a unique reference manual of napkin folding and table enhancement.

Designed primary for restaurant and the whole the Hospitality Industry, it is also an effective source of information, which provides hints and tips for any one who is keen in home entertaining.

It is useful guides with easy step-by-step diagrams, which are aimed at exploring the individual’s artistic imagination, provide a pleasure and admiration.

It enables the reader to create everything from the simplest napkin fold to the most elaborate design in order to enhance the table setting prior to dining.

With a touch of creativity, the style of any dining room can be changed from what diners see every day with an innovative new trend of table enhancement.

Your newly developed skill and technique in napkin folding will bring a touch of class and distinction to complete the atmosphere of any occasion.

A special occasion is special when you exercise flair and attention to detail.

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