Only napkins suitable for napkin folding are discussed on this page.


From the word 'napery', a napkin is basically a small square piece of linen or paper, used at meal times for the purpose of wiping one’s hands and mouth, as well as providing protection against spillages. It is usually placed on a person’s lap. However, in some countries it is customary to tuck one corner of the napkin under the chin to cover the whole of the chest area.

Napkins come in several sizes and in a wide variety of materials, as well as in an array of colours and a range of designs and pattern. There are no basic rules regarding which is the correct material, size, colour, and pattern as it depends a great deal on taste and trends. There is often the tendency to match the colour to the tablecloth, or to the furnishing and style of the dining area. The choice of colour and type of napkin may also be influenced by the style and décor of your dining room, as well as the occasion or celebration taking place at the time. Only napkins or serviette which sizes are suitable for napkin folding are referred on this page.


It has always been difficult to define the difference between napkins and serviettes. The word serviette itself has its origins in Scotland. It was then adopted by the French and is now widely used to describe a napkin, quite often a paper napkin. There is one thing in favour of this name, except for minor modification the word “Serviette” is understood in over 64 languages worldwide.